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Help your lawn, garden, and flowers to flourish!

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High-nutrient Material

Enjoy premium topsoil and other blends designed to provide the maximum amount of nutrients and highest level of quality for your lawn and garden.

Inside Storage

We keep our screened topsoil and compost products under a roof and protected from the elements to ensure dry, quality products for you!

Custom Blends

We create specialty amended soil blends for your specific needs or engineered requirements. 


"We called to order dirt and were able to have it delivered same day. Friendly, fast and inexpensive. Will use from now on!"

- Erin Fickes

Soil Products for Pickup or Delivery in Fredericksburg

Unscreened Topsoil


Topsoil straight from the field - may contain small rocks and dirt clumps.

screened soil opt Dirt & Soil - Fredericksburg


Premium topsoil enhanced with compost and screened to remove large rocks and debris.  The perfect product for your flower beds, yard, and garden!

Amended Soil Blends


Garden Mix Soil is a premium mix of screened soil and compost.

Mushroom Soil


Mushroom Soil is a rich compost mix of straw, horse manure, and other organic materials.

Turf Grow Organic Compost

Turf Grow Organic Compost

An excellent soil starter or top dressing for lawns, this is a compost constituted of organic material and designed to provide excellent plant growth.

fill dirt

Subsoil Fill

A mixture of clay, shale, and other subsoil designed as general fill.

Amended Soil Blends

Custom Amended Soil Blends

Do you need a specific blend for an engineered project or for your unique soil needs?  We can create a soil blend for you!

Soil Products for Pickup or Delivery in Fredericksburg

Topsoil straight from the field which may contain small rocks and dirt clumps.

Premium topsoil enhanced with compost and screened to remove large rocks and debris.  The perfect product for your flower beds, yard, and garden!

A formulated blend of screened topsoil and compost that is designed to maximize plant germination and growth. 

Compost mixture of straw, horse manure, and other organic materials.  It provides excellent nutrient and pH value for flower beds, gardens, and lawn fertilizer.

An excellent soil starter or top dress for lawns, this is a compost consisting of organic material for excellent plant growth.

A mixture of clay, shale, and other subsoil designed as general fill.

Do you need a specific blend for an engineered project or for your unique soil needs?  We can create a soil blend just for you!

Acquiring your soil and compost is easy

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    Select the soil blend that you need to make your flower bed, lawn, or garden flourish.

  • 2


    Purchase your soil and pick it up at our store or arrange for our guaranteed on-time delivery.

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    Spread the soil yourself or have us arrange a trusted contractor to spread it for you.

  • 4


    Your lawn, garden, or other landscapes will flourish planted in our quality topsoil and compost!

Why buy your soil at Zimmerman Mulch?

Quality Topsoil

We have been making our own topsoil blends for over 15 years and carefully control the quality and consistency.

Knowledgeable Customer Service

Our team is knowledgeable, friendly, and anxious to make your backyard dream come true!

Well-Maintained Inventory

We offer a full range of soils and other outdoor products from our well-stocked inventory.

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

We deliver your products to fit your schedule and convenience.

“Great Service & Products, Staff helps me on making a better choice on needs than what I thought, which saves money on the project.”

- G. Wolford

Topsoil and Compost in Fredericksburg, PA

As a homeowner or contractor we know you want the only the best soil products. Rich in nutrients, proper blends, and quality you can trust are we provide. Your outdoor projects are waiting!

Zimmerman Mulch will partner with you to help you achieve your goals by:

  • Nutrient-rich soils designed with flourishing plants in mind.
  • Blended and screened soil products.
  • Properly storing our screened topsoil and other compost products indoors so we can maintain quality control.
  • Large quantities are available at any time for pickup or delivery.

Our team will do everything we can to help you bring beauty to your backyard. Quality service and quality products are our mission.

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Here at Zimmerman Mulch, we love working with each of our customers to help them achieve their goals. Our landscaping products and our network of contractors will provide you with the tools you need.

As a family-owned landscape and mulch supplier in Fredericksburg, PA, we are thrilled to serve and partner with you.

If you live in beautiful Fredericksburg, PA then you already are familiar with the nearby sites and attractions:

  • Blue Mountain Golf Course
  • Wolf Sanctuary of PA
  • Middle Cree Wildlife Management Area
  • Lebanon Community Theatre
  • Escape Room Level 6
  • Cornwall Iron Furnace
  • Mt. Gretna Lake & Beach

Fredericksburg is a small community that has not been incorporated. Located in Bethel Township in Lebanon County, PA the population was 1,357 people in 2010 within an area of 1.9 square miles. Fredericksburg is sandwiched between two major routes with Interstate 78 to the north and U.S. Route 22 to the south.

The water is drained away by the Deep Run and the Beach Run. Just out of town, they form into Elizabeth Run which is a part of the Susquehanna River watershed.

Wikipedia has this to say about Fredericksburg and its history:

Fredericksburg was originally called "Stumptown" after a disreputable settler named Frederick Stump, who founded the town in 1755, and reportedly massacred an encampment of ten inebriated Indians one winter and sent their bodies down the Susquehanna. Fredericksburg was the birthplace of Clayton Mark, the prominent steel magnate, in 1858.[4] Mark was the founder of the planned worker community of Marktown, Indiana.” 

We service all of the Fredericksburg area with our mulch and landscape products, including 17026 and the other surrounding zip codes in the greater Lebanon County area.

This is what some of our customers have to say:

Mark: “Quick service everytime!!  No complaints!  6 stars!”

Zachary: “Wonderful.

I had issues with My vehicle after work and They gave Me an extra Hand.

When that didn't pan out I was offered a ride up the road.

May THE GOOD LORD Bless Them All.”

David: “Great selection of landscaping products for the professional and the homeowner. Hardscaping, stone, mulch, rock, pavers, etc…”

A Happy Customer: “Excellent service, Very polite staffed, treat the customers fairly!”

Philip: “Opened up for me on a Saturday in the winter months. I've found my new wood pellet supplier! Great to know good business are still left in America.”

Stan: “Knowledgeable staff,  hardscape products, mulch and other landscape supplies”

Elroy: “All your landscaping needs. If you have trees , shrubs, and bushes that you have cut down you can dumb them there free of charge at a specific location.”

Mike: “Great People, Great Service, Great Product!”

Vern: “Wonderful mulch! Plenty of paver choices!”

G.D.: “Always a great place to visit. Thank you!”

We service and deliver most of our products to all of Lebanon County and parts of Lancaster, Berks, Schuylkill, and Dauphin Counties.

If you are unsure of what we offer in your area, please call us at 717-273-7568 or contact us online.

Dirt & Soil FAQs:

  • We work hard to deliver your order in as timely manner as possible. During normal seasons, you can count on your product being delivered in 1-3 days. Amid more slow seasons of the year, look to have your product delivered on the same day!
  • Customers should always call ahead if they want their delivery on time, especially during the spring and early summer when traffic can get busy quickly!
  • Between all our trucks, we can carry 1 to 24 tons of product in a single load.
  • Certainly! Be careful to arrive during store hours and allow for enough time to view all our inventory!
  • Topsoil that is screened has had all large rocks and debris removed to make it easier for you, the end user. Unscreened topsoil has not had these elements removed.
  • Simply call us at 717-273-7568 to talk to our sales team about the soil blend you need!
  • The garden mix soil is perfect for growing healthy plants because it has been enhanced with topsoil, which will provide maximum germination and growth. Use this wonderful earth in any area where you want your vegetables or flowers to be!
  • It's easy to see why Mushroom Mulch is such a popular choice for gardeners and landscapers. By adding this natural fertilizer, you can improve the quality of soil in any container or small space! It'll also help keep weeds at bay because it makes them impossible without much moisture. If your flowers need an extra boost during their growing season then give them some love with our friendly fungi-based top dressing.
  • NOTE: We do not recommend spreading mushroom soil near or against trees because the nutrient-rich mix can attract insects. If you want to use it in an area with shrubs, keep mulch 1-2 feet away from these plant species (or at least till they're happy).