Green Waste Recycling Guidelines

In accordance with PA DEP Recycling regulations, we offer the following as a guideline to what materials are acceptable to dispose of at our Green Waste Recycling Center.

Accepted Items

  • Tree / Shrub Trimmings

  • Logs (any diameter)

  • Branches

  • Any untreated / unpainted wood

Logs & Branches 6” or more in diameter should be cut into 6’ lengths.

Clean wood containing nails is acceptable.

Prohibited Items

  • Garden/Vegetable Plant Waste

  • Painted and/or Pressure Treated Wood

  • Railroad Ties

  • Plywood

  • Metal of all types

  • Plastic or Paper of any kind

  • Glass

  • Drink Bottles / Cups

  • Landscape Fabric

  • Christmas Lights / Decorations

Unacceptable items include, but are not limited to, the above mentioned items. Any loads of clean wood that include any amounts of these items will be considered contaminated. Individuals disposing of contaminated loads will risk losing their usage rights to this facility. Contaminated loads shall be disposed of at the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority Landfill.


  • Leaves and Grass

    Due to space constraints, we are not accepting bulk loads of leaves or grass clippings.

  • Hours:

    Drop-off times are limited to the hours between Dawn and Dusk, Monday through Saturday.

  • Load Inspection:

    You are responsible for inspecting your load before and after unloading. Please take all unacceptable items along with you. Watch for any tools that may have been a part of your load. A digging iron going through the grinder with the green waste can do thousands of dollars of damage in one second! If you think you may have left a tool in your load, please call us so we can watch for it.

  • Cost:

    Except for commercial accounts disposing of scrap wood, no fees or permits are currently required to drop off green waste items at our facility. Our goal is to continue to provide this facility as a free service to our local communities, but we can only do this as everyone abides by these guidelines. Every piece of trash becomes a liability to everyone.

We thank everyone for their efforts to make this recycling program a success.