Screened Topsoil

Zimmerman’s Screened Topsoil is a premium product free of rocks and clumps.

All of our soil/compost products are sold by a full, 1 cubic yard scoop or 40 lb. bag.

Quantity discounts apply for purchases over 5 cubic yards.

Screened Topsoil – $32.00 / yard

                                 $4.75 / bag

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Our premium Screened Topsoil, free of large stones and other debris, is a superb topsoil ready for application without extra work on your part. There’s no reason to spend your time working with rocky, substandard soil when a product like this is readily available. Although natural topsoil works well for a base for your garden or landscaping, this product is the best soil in which to actually plant all of your new plants!

Screened Topsoil – Now Enhanced!

To further enhance the growth and beauty of your plants, we have added in 20% compost to create a truly superior product with plenty of nutrition for use in your lawn, garden, or landscape. Spread it over the area that you intend to plant and enjoy the results all season long as you watch your grass, garden plants and landscaping bushes thrive!

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