Enhanced Garden Mix

Our Enhanced Garden Mix is an enhanced mixture of screened topsoil and compost. Garden Mix is priced at $28 per cubic yard and is also available in bags.


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Our Garden Mix Soil is a premium mix of screened soil and compost created specifically for maximum plant germination and growth. Because it is stone-free,  you won’t have to worry about picking up or raking the stones as you apply it to your garden or flower beds. Due to the added compost it contains, you can use it as potting soil for indoor plants, to enhance your herb garden, or just to introduce added nutrients into your flower beds.

Similar Products to Garden Mix

Other options include our Screened Topsoil or, for a more customized solution, check out our Amended Soil Blends. All of these products do more than simply provide soil for your plants to grow in; they contain much added compost to supply the nutritional demands of your lawn or garden plants without your needing to buy added fertilizers and supplements.