Wood Chips

Wood Chips -$23.00

  • Sold by the cubic yd.
  • Also available in 2 cubic ft. bags

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Zimmerman’s Wood Chips Mulch is light- to medium-brown in color. Cheaper than other processed mulch because of its ready availability and ease of processing, it makes an excellent choice for many landscapes. Since its composition is 100% wood, it decomposes very slowly, making it a great choice for areas where you don’t want to reapply mulch every year. Wood chips can also be used as a filler product for erosion control socks.

Being constituted entirely of wood without any composting humus, we don’t recommend using Wood Chips on areas that contain plant life. Wood products such as this pull nutrients and water from the soil, depriving your plants of what they need to grow healthy and beautiful.

One excellent method is to put down a weed barrier before applying a layer of long-lasting wood chip mulch. Check out our weed barrier options in the lawn and garden section.