Wood Chips

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This Econo Wood Mulch is a light to medium brown in color. Since it is easy to process and readily available it is an excellent choice for wooded landscapes, and ground cover because it is cheaper than other processed mulch. You can also used as a filler product for erosion control socks. Since it is all wood, it decomposes very slowly making it a great choice for areas that you don’t want to reapply mulch every year.

Because it basically all wood chips without any composting humus in it, we don’t recommend using it in areas that contain plant life as it will pull the nutrients and water out of the soil which will deprive your plants of what they need to be healthy and beautiful.

Since it is a long lasting mulch, an excellent option to keep the weeds down, is to put weed barrier down before you mulch. Check out our weed barrier options in the lawn and garden section.