Rich Mushroom Mulch

Applying Mushroom Mulch is an excellent way to improve the nutrient quality of your soil. A rich compost blend, it is priced at $14.50 per cubic yard and is also available in 2-cubic-foot bags.


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If you need to improve the nutrient quality of your soil, Mushroom Mulch is an excellent choice for you. A rich compost mix of straw, horse manure, and other organic materials, it provides many benefits for annuals, perennials and vegetable gardens. You can also use it on your new lawn as a fertilizer or as a top dressing on an established lawn. Another great benefit of using Mushroom Mulch is that it will raise the pH of the soil.

Application of Mushroom Mulch

We don’t recommend using this mulch against your trees or shrubs as this rich compost soil holds quite a bit of moisture. This wet material will tend to attract insects and disease which can destroy the base of the trunks or stems.

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