Colonial Black Mulch

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Our Colonial Black Mulch is an excellent mulch to bring contrast to your landscape. It is a very fine mulch because it is double-ground. This mulch consists only of fresh wood which is then dyed to give it color. Since it is made from fresh wood it decomposes slower making it a long lasting cover. This mulch contains very little pallet wood which in turn gives you a cleaner, more natural mulch.

This is a great mulch for use around trees, shrubs, and commercial landscapes. Since it has a higher wood content, it isn’t as good for around your flowers because the wood can tend to absorb the nutrients and moisture.

One mulching tip to remember is to always break up the old mulch before you apply new mulch. Old mulch becomes matted over time and creates a moisture and nutrients barrier stopping any from getting down to the roots of the plants. Use a gardening weasel, garden rake, or a pitchfork to break up the mulch prior to apply new mulch.