Elegant Colonial Black Mulch

Colonial Black Mulch is a beautiful black mulch made of double-ground fresh wood. Colonial Black Mulch is $32 per cubic yard and is also available in 2-cubic-feet bags.

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Our Colonial Black Mulch brings beautiful contrast to your landscaping. Double-ground, Colonial Black is a very fine mulch consisting only of fresh wood which is then dyed to give it color. Since the wood is fresh, this mulch decomposes more slowly than other mulches, giving you longer-lasting cover for your landscaping. Although many mulches from other companies contain high percentages of pallet, Colonial Black Mulch from Zimmerman’s contains very little pallet wood. This means you get a far cleaner, far more natural mulch.

Using Colonial Black Mulch

Colonial Black is an excellent mulch for use around trees, shrubs, and commercial landscapes.  Usage around your flowers is not as advisable since one downside of higher wood content is that it tends to absorb more nutrients and moisture from the ground.

One important mulching tip to remember is to always break up the old mulch before you apply a new mulch layer. Old mulch becomes matted over time, creating a barrier that prevents moisture and nutrients from reaching the roots of the plants. Using a gardening weasel, garden rake, or a pitchfork to break up the old layer prior to applying new mulch will prevent this problem.

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