Beautiful Coffee Brown Mulch

Coffee Brown Mulch is a beautiful brown mulch made of double-ground fresh hardwood. Coffee Brown Mulch is $32.00 per cubic yd and is also available in 2-cubic-foot bags.


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Our Coffee Brown Mulch is a double-ground mulch made from fresh hardwood. Brown dye is then added to give it its beautiful color. This mulch contains very little pallet wood and breaks down very slowly.

Applying Coffee Brown Mulch

You can apply this mulch around trees, shrubs, and commercial landscapes. Because of its high wood content, we don’t recommend using it around your flowers, as  the wood can absorb moisture and nutrients that your smaller plants will need to grow and thrive.

An important mulching tip to remember is to never mulch up against the siding of your house. Mulch lying against house siding provides easy access for termites and insects to invade the house or wooden siding. Always keep the mulch line below the siding, and even when mulching against block or concrete walls, spread the mulch more thinly against the house so the bugs have more difficulty entering your home.

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