Playground Mulch

Playground Mulch is designed as an attractive wood-fiber surface for play areas. It is soft and slip-resistant, providing the perfect surface for little children to play on.

All of our mulch products are sold by a full, 1 cubic yard scoop or 2 cu. ft bag.

Quantity discounts apply for purchases over 5 cubic yards.

Playground Mulch – $32.00 / yard

                                   $4.75 / bag


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Our Playground Cover is an Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) product for recreational surfaces. It is IPEMA-certified and is designed to provide maximum shock absorption when spread at specified thicknesses – usually 8-12 inches deep. Like carpet in your house, it provides a soft play surface for the little hands and feet that come into contact with it.
Engineered Wood Fiber products are the preferred choice for use in all playground settings. (In fact, EWF products are used on over 75% of the playgrounds in the U.S.!) This is true primarily because they offer an almost ideal blend of absorbency and slip-resistance. If Playground Cover is properly installed, it even meets ADA accessibility standards. Other options for surfacing such as sand or pea gravel do not meet such requirements.
Playground Cover is durable and long-lasting; it answers the needs of both today and tomorrow and will maximize your children’s fun far into the future.. Some inferior EFW copies on the market may be cheaper, but they will cost more in the long run because they will not hold up to the demands of usage and the elements. They will also cost more in time to maintain them. Why not install the best? Our children are worth it!

Playground Cover Applications

Although it is primarily designed for playgrounds, other applications can include surface cover for walking trails, picnic areas, and even dog kennels. The absorbency of Playground Cover makes it ideal for all foot-traffic areas (its signature purpose), but this absorbency means that it can also serve as bedding for animal areas or other uses. In fact, a multi-purpose product like this has more applications than can be named and priced as attractively as this is, it could easily serve as a substitute for more expensive products with inferior characteristics.

Contact Zimmerman Mulch and place your order today for a durable, versatile Engineered Wood Fiber product and enjoy the benefits far into the future!