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Techo-Bloc was founded in 1989 with one goal in mind: to design and manufacture hardscaping products such as paving stones, retaining wall systems, and masonry stones that blend more harmoniously with the natural environment.

Yet our excellence doesn’t stop at the creation of our superior hardscape products. We’ve taken our standards to the next level, developing processes and procedures in critical areas to ensure both your success and ours.

We have refined our manufacturing process time and time again until we felt we were producing the highest-quality stone possible. And we are still searching for ways to improve on our standards, in order to create even better stones, precious stones.

Techo-Bloc’s research and development program is among the finest in the industry, allowing us to introduce an increasing number of original and innovative products and reinforcing our reputation as the industry leader. Each year we develop new product styles, sizes, colors, and textures to give you greater flexibility and more options. We are always looking to be even more creative, even more pioneering in our products.

Our sales support is strong and only getting stronger. Techo-Bloc is the only manufacturer that stands behind its products with a transferable lifetime warranty.

Finally, Techo-Bloc’s distribution network is growing by leaps and bounds. In addition to our three modern Montreal facilities, we’ve recently opened a state-of-the-art plant in Pennsylvania so we can manufacture at higher levels and get our products out to customers faster.

It is excellence in these four crucial areas that sets us apart from other manufacturers, and makes Techo-Bloc The Standard of Excellence.


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