Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

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Why just enjoy your backyard getaway during the daytime hours? As night falls and your landscape seems to fade into the shadows, the elegance and subtlety of properly designed landscape lighting can create a stunning affect.

Landscape lighting is a relatively easy and affordable way to enjoy your Outdoor Living Space after the sun sinks down over the horizon. Our Lighting lines come in many different unique options, and with invention of LED lighting technology a whole new world has become available to you.

At Zimmerman Mulch we are pleased to provide you with the BEST in the Outdoor Landscape Lighting field, and with our knowledgeable staff to assist you, we will have you on the road to experiencing your Backyard Retreat in a way that you never have before. Stop by or call today!

Why landscape lighting?

  • Security. Theft and trespassing is a primary concern for all the homeowners and is usually addressed with high voltage floodlights. A better choice is strategically placed low voltage lights that provide low levels of illumination evenly distributed around the property. This avoids the problem of glaring lights that leave unseen areas in the shadows.
  • Safety. Low voltage lighting is an ideal choice for illuminating walkways and entranceways. This ensures that residents and visitors can safely navigate through the property avoiding otherwise unseen obstacles.
  • Usability. Illuminating the public and private areas of a property allowing the homeowner to enjoy decks, sitting areas and recreational spaces.
  • Beauty. Light defines textures, shapes and structures while evoking a wide range of positive emotional responses. A good lighting design can create moods that are soft and subtle or dynamic and dramatic. It can highlight features of the structure and property, while maintaining a cohesive scene. Good landscape lighting is a feast for the eyes.