Joint Sands

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Polymeric Sands

Don’t settle for polymeric sand that keeps letting you down. Stop risking costly mistakes and performance issues. Choose trusted, American made PolySweep from SEK-Surebond. When quality and consistency are important, PolySweep is the professional hardscape contractor’s number one polymeric sand choice.

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Resin Sands

PS-1500 RJS Reactive Resin Joint Sand System is a one-part resin joint sand that offers a superior strength and durable ready-to-use solution for stabilized sand joints that can be installed rain or shine.PS-1500 RJS is made with a new generation synthetic resin that hardens when it reacts with the air. It can be used in new or existing installations to create beautiful yet extremely durable hardened sand joints that will withstand the rigors of residential vehicle traffic and harsh freeze/thaw conditions.

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ROMPOX® – ECOFINE is a ready-mixed, pressure washer safe, joint mortar sand made from 98% natural, recycled, or renewable raw materials and produced with our own solar power. The mortar is vacuum packed and hardens/cures after reacting with air. Thanks to its simple application, this highly water-permeable jointing mortar is ideal for professionals and do-it-yourselfers and keeps the joints unsealed. ROMPOX® – Ecofine is used around the house on patios, pathways and driveways with light, occasional car traffic (with non-settling, water-permeable bedding). The paving joint mortar is also particularly suitable for porcelain, ceramic & sensitive surfaces, thanks to it’s resin film free finish.

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