Veneer Stone

Veneer Stone


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Let us guess: You love that old-world, genuine-stone look but do not have the resources to actually employ custom stone for your project? Or perhaps your structure prohibits the use of genuine stone or brick. We are glad to present the perfect solution to your problem with our Veneer Stone options! With this product, you can achieve the authentic look and feel of stone without the custom-stone price. And since Veneer Stone usually weighs less than 15 lbs. per square foot, a weight-bearing foundation is not required, making it the perfect option for indoor walls, fireplaces, etc. Veneer can also be an attractive option if installation time is limited for your building project.

What is Veneer Stone?

Artisans take real stones and rocks and create authentic veneer surfaces to place on top of your concrete or pre-formed structure. This enables you to quickly and affordably achieve a stone look for a fraction of the real-stone cost.

A stone veneer is an excellent option for outdoor kitchens, pillars, fireplaces, or any other large outdoor structure. Contact Zimmerman Mulch to place your order today!