Zimmerman Mulch has several options available for decorative cobblers.

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What Are Cobblers?

Cobbler stones are smooth, flat stones larger than gravel and pebbles and smaller than boulders. They are available in a variety of colors that can add accents to any garden or landscape or serve as an attractive divider between flower beds.

Other uses for cobblers include ground cover for large areas without grass and decorative surface material to surround lawn or garden water features. We have several options available to meet your cobbler needs. Don’t hesitate to stop by and see how much color these accent stones could add to your landscapes!

Kewanee Creek Flat Cobbler Stones

  • Color range: Tan, Gray, Orange
  • Perfect warm shades to blend with your landscaping and plants!
  • Size: 6″ – 12″
  • Coverage: 60 sq. ft.
  • Use for Landscape Accents/Plant and Flower Surrounds

Kewanee Skipper Cobbler Stones

  • Granite and sandstone mix with red, white, black, and grey colors
  • Bright, versatile stones that will sparkle in any landscape!
  • Size: 1.2”-3” or 4”-7” diagonals / 0.5”-2” thick
  • Coverage: 80-120 sq. ft. per ton
  • Use for Landscape Accents/Plant and Flower Surrounds

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