Russet Red Mulch

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Russet Red Mulch is a double ground mulch that often contains recycled pallet wood. A long-lasting bright red dye gives it its distinctive color appeal.

This is a great mulch for use around trees, shrubs, and commercial landscapes. Since it has pallets and a higher wood content, it isn’t as good for around your flowers. It basically has no nutrients to offer the plants, and the wood can tend to pull the nutrients and moisture from the soil, depriving your smaller plants.

One important mulching tip to keep in mind is to never pile up the mulch around the trunks of trees or shrubs! It keeps the bark wet at all times which attracts insects and disease which makes a perfect place for the trunk to rot. Let at least 6-12″ of space away from the trees. If you want it to look consistent, then put only a very thin layer of mulch up to the tree but only enough to cover the dirt.