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Playground Carpet Mulch

Playground Mulch • Myerstown, PA
Our Playground Carpet Mulch is also double-ground like most of our other mulch. It is light tan in color. This mulch is processed in a way to give it a soft texture and maximum shock absorption. 
True to its name, the Playground Mulch is great for playground use in commercial settings or even in your own backyard playground or dog kennel. It meets the requirements for public playground uses. Because it is basically all wood we don't recommend using this mulch in your flower gardens or around your house. It won't provide any nutrients but rather it will absorb the nutrients and moisture that should be going to your plants. 
Since it is just for ground cover and to create a comfortable play area without ruining your grass, you can put it on thick so it lasts a long time and provides plenty of shock absorption.